A dog that has been lost for eight years is tragically reunited with his owner.

It started when this man entered the house and let his two dogs out in the yard. His creatures managed to scale the barricade and go away. The man spent a long night looking, and when his neighbors informed him that the dogs had reached a friend’s sheep pasture, he discharged a gun at them.

As the other dog retreated into the woods after being injured, one of the dogs died there and there. Months of unsuccessful pet-hunting by the man’s family have resulted in the publication of informational flyers and an incentive for any leads on the dog.

It became less likely that the dog would be discovered as time went by. The dog’s owner received a call eight years after his pet vanished notifying him that a dog matching his description had been located. The man turned and sped off.


He searched for his lost friend for four hours while driving. He recognized his beloved pet, demonstrating that his extensive search had not been in vain. When tears began to gather in his eyes, he turned to face the owner. The dog approached the man and immediately began to lick his face, acting as if they hadn’t been apart for eight years.

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