A woman insists that a dog groomer maintains constant eye contact with her pet throughout the entire grooming session.

She has been struggling to find a groomer who will meet her demands (stock photo) (Image: Getty Images)

A woman insists that a dog groomer maintains constant eye contact with her pet throughout the entire grooming session.

A dog groomer has taken to social media to share the outrageous demands a client asked of her – she wanted her to maintain eye contact with her pet throughout its haircut

A dog groomer has been stunned into silence after a pushy owner ordered her to keep asking her pet for consent throughout his haircut. The groomer has taken to social media to share an email she received from a potential customer wanting to book her Bernowdoodle in for a trim.

In the email, the owner explains how she has been struggling to book him in with a groomer because they all refuse to meet her demands. The email, which has been shared on Reddit, starts: “My name is Susan and I am looking for a groomer for my dog who can groom him in the non confrontational manner – I believe it is best for him.

She wants him to be groomed in a non confrontational manner (stock photo) ( Image: Getty Images)

“Dooley is an 18-month-old Bernowdoodle (if you are unfamiliar with the more rare doodle breeds he is a Bernese mountain dog/chow/standard poodle) and this would be his first haircut as I have not found a groomer willing to work within the parameters I believe in.”

She went on to explain how her dog’s hair is currently between seven to eight inches long – and how she would like one to two inches removed all over.

“While I’m sure any groomer could easily handle the haircut, I’m having difficulty finding a groomer willing to wait for him to consent to each part of the grooming,” adds the owner.

“He will consent by maintaining eye contact with you while you are working and if he looks away he is withdrawing his consent and you will need to stop until he grants it again.”

Further explaining herself, she states she does not believe in forcing her dog to do anything “psychologically uncomfortable” and therefore, he should not be restrained in any way during his haircut.

She does not want him to be “leashed to a tub” or “forced into a cage” because doing so would be “forcing him to conform to humans’ unrealistic expectations of pets”.

She doesn’t want him to be restrained during his haircut (stock photo) ( Image: Getty Images)

The owner continued: “Since I understand not everyone is as fluent in his language as I am I would prefer it if I stayed and supervised his grooming to make sure you don’t miss anything he is telling you.

“Dooley will need a bath, blow dried, brush out (he might have a few small tangles but they will be easy to brush out) and a full standard doodle haircut.”

But not only does she want the groomer to ask for consent before chopping off his fur, maintain eye contact throughout the entire hair cut, and do it all while he has the freedom to roam around the salon, she also wants the groom to be completed within two hours because she has better things to do with her time.

When signing off her email, she said: “My schedule is very busy so the appointment can only take a maximum of two hours.

“Based on the reviews I have read online, I do believe you are the perfect groomer for Dooley. Please advise me as to when the best time to bring him in would be.”

While most users shared their shock over the owner’s requests, others urged the groomer to run “far and fast” away from her and her outrageous demands.

One user said: “Rarer doodle breeds is where I started groaning. Eye contact/consent is where I was having difficulty breathing.

“No restraints and owner must remain with him is where I started sharing it with every dog friend I have.”

Another user added: “I’m all for cooperative care, but if you’re going to do the whole eye contact/chin rest/whatever cue as consent thing, you’re going to have to do the grooming yourself.

“No groomer has time for that, or if they did, it would cost hundreds because they’d only be able to do one dog a day.”

A third user said: “As a canine behaviourist with a degree in canine behaviour and 15 years experience working with reactive dog, this is the type of owner that turns their dog into a mess.

“I’ve had clients like this. They reinforce their dogs insecurities. A common thing that I noticed in doodles is that they can be very aloof, scared, and withdrawn.

“That temperament is also an example of a poorly bred poodle. It’s why it transfers over to so many doodles. The people with well bred poodles usually never want to mix them with another breed so doodles are often mixed with poodles that aren’t from the best gene pool.

“Now combine that with an owner like this and it’s just an entire recipe for disaster.”

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