Abandoned Trio of Pups Stand Watch Together as They Await Aid

The other day, a resident in Southern California called Logan’s Legacy dog rescue to report a trio of pups abandoned in their neighborhood. Suzette Hall, the founder of Logan’s Legacy, couldn’t get there until the end of the day, but she had friends nearby who were willing to help.

When Hall’s team arrived, they found dogs in the same position the caller described: huddled closely together on the sidewalk. The triplets sat with their backs glued to each other, staring straight ahead as if to guard one another. Each loyal sibling refused to leave their post.

“They just sat on the corner and waited,” Hall told The Dodo. “They didn’t move because they were waiting for their family to come back.”

After speaking to neighbors, Hall’s rescue team learned that the dogs’ family let them out of their car near Magic Johnson Park in Los Angeles, then drove away. Neighbors watched as the pups bolted into the park for safety.

“They just ran inside the park and huddled together,” Hall said. “So many cars almost hit them.”

The dogs spent days waiting for their family to come back for them, but no one returned. They were almost out of hope when Hall’s team arrived.

At first, the rescuers found the pups sitting stoically on the sidewalk. But with temperatures rising that morning, the dogs ran off for shelter. As they fled the sun, they made sure to stick together.

“It was hot that day, and there was a car parked in one of the spots,” Hall said. “They went under the car, but they stayed all curled up together.”

Usually, Hall and her team use humane dog traps to rescue strays. To their surprise, this little family didn’t need a cage at all.

“My rescuers put some food in their hands and coaxed them over,” Hall said. “They went right to them.”

Two of the pups were hesitant at first, but the only girl in the group trusted her rescuers immediately. The team picked her up, put her in their van and watched as her two brothers hopped in eagerly behind her.

“They didn’t want to be without their sister,” Hall said.

Once the rescuers had the pups in their van, they realized just how neglected they were.

“They were covered in ticks,” Hall said. “They were so matted, and they each had about 40 ticks on them or more.”

As uncomfortable as they were, the three dogs were relieved to be reunited. One of the rescuers drove the little family to her house, and they stayed attached at the hip the whole way there.

Once home, the woman shaved down each of the pups to free them from the ticks and mats. The dogs felt better almost instantly, but nothing was more comforting to them than snuggling back up with their siblings that evening.

“They stayed together the whole night,” Hall said.

It’s not unusual for stray dogs to bond with each other for survival, but Hall could tell that these pups were different.

“A lot of times, dogs will be bonded on the street, but then after the rescue, they don’t like each other. They just use each other for safety,” Hall said. “But these guys are definitely bonded. They cry if one goes outside without the other to go potty or anything.”

The dogs, later named Polly, Damien and Barkley, are now in foster care, but their story isn’t over yet. They’re searching for a forever home that’ll, hopefully, welcome the entire little family.

“It would be amazing if they could all be adopted together,” Hall said. “They’re so sweet.”

While Hall searches for the perfect family for Polly, Damien and Barkley, the adorable pack remains closer than ever.

They don’t have to survive out on the street anymore, but they’re still sticking together no matter what.

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