After 5 Years at Shelter, Homeless Dog Too Depressed to Lift Head for Dinner

Detroit, MI – Bear, a homeless dog, has grown so depressed by his lonely existence that he no longer raises his head for food. The Detroit Animal Welfare Group (DAWG) uploaded a video of Bear on Sunday, writing:

Bear is so depressed that he won’t even lift his head for dinner….sitting in a kennel for nearly 5 years gazing at the same walls gets old.

Despite his tragic history, Bear has a gentle and loving disposition, according to his adoption profile:

Despite the fact that his previous owner ignored him… You would never guess!! He doesn’t carry any grudges!! He is the most adorable child you have ever seen!! Bear is a loving and friendly couch potato that wants nothing more than to be adored. He’s a cute, lively, and cheerful pup looking for a home where he can get all the love he deserves!

Bear is toilet and crate trained, and he understands basic instructions.

But no one is willing to give Bear a chance, and the loneliness is clearly taking its toll. Bear, according to the rescue group, is a couch potato who loves humans. He must, however, be placed in a family with no small dogs or cats.

Please share Bear’s adoption information to help him find his happily-ever-after. Someone out there is just right for him!


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