After being discovered in the woods wandering aimlessly in a frightened state, the application of patience and love has transformed him

Hooch was found near the Mexico border where injured dogs snooped off the side of the road into a dumpster and left to die.

Hooch’s hind end was smashed so hard it broke his hind legs. He looked like a candy bar when he was found. Terrified, hungry, and in incomprehensible pain, he lurked in the bushes for many days until he was transferred across the state.

He was grateful for a bout of bloody diarrhea caused by stress and an infestation of hookworms. This boy was “walking” with a severed femur and his other leg broken at the joint.

After 10 days of missing, Hoch has reached far away.. roaming through the woods, alone, destitute, with damaged legs, dragging himself to survive.. On top of all his medical challenges, he was extremely terrified of humans and human touch.

Rescue team of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC worked hard to get him home and to be able to trust again. He has come such a long way and is still healing from his operation.

Almost a month later you can’t believe this is the same puppy that no one has been permitted to touch for 3 weeks.

I’m very grateful Rescue Dogs Rock NYC gave him a chance, when not many have. He’s so young we’ll never know what he went through. now he’s learned to accept love and finally comprehend that he’s safe.

Hooch has numerous fears and he’s overcoming them one by one, It wasn’t easy but his beautiful foster mom worked hard to convince Hooch, he would be extremely happy if he paid his fears and here is the result.

He actually has his independence now!! You know life can really be good! Hooch Learn by playing! It’s amazing what patience and love can do.

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