After serving their master for 10 years they no longer wanted Annie and because of her they didn’t like the trash

Annie ѕteаɩ һeагt awareness. Aura was driving to her grandmother’s house one day when she came across this little ѕoᴜɩ on the side of the road and decided to stop and ask the owner.

Annie was thrown away like trash because the owner no longer wanted her. In fact, the owner and his son wanted to take him into the forest and take him deep underground.

she was thin and very healthy and looked like she hadn’t eaten in a long time.

Of course, Aura sunk it. Annie was bald, sick, scrawny and hungry. He is about 10 years old and very sweet and loving. Those impressions! Things used to get better.

Aura took him to the vet to see if there was anything wrong with him.

He spent the night at the vet after washing and skin treatment. All his tests came back! He is now in the care of Barking fгeпetіс Canine Deliverance and has a long road to recovery!


He is now doing well and regaining his health and zest for life.

Despite what happened, Annie remained safe and tried everything to recover and return to a life full of happiness and love.

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