Canine Crashes Wedding Photoshoot — Transforms Into Stunning ‘Bride’

Photographer Estefanny Corilla Chinchay owns her own business, Fanny Productions, for which much of her work is centered on wedding day shoots.

Chinchay is also a dog owner — a parent to a bouncy pup named Oso.

The other day, those two worlds adorably collided.

This week, Chinchay was commissioned to snap some photos of a newlywed couple near her home in Pampas, Peru. The meeting point in town was close enough, so she decided to arrive by foot.

But as she slipped out the door with her camera in hand, Oso evidently took notice.

He decided to follow.

Chinchay met with the newlyweds at the site of the photo shoot, the pair both looking elegant in their wedding day attire. After a few moments of snapping photos, however, Oso suddenly made his presence there be known.

The pup had the zoomies.

And with an enthusiastic leap through the bride’s outstretched veil, Oso suddenly became a beaming ‘bride’ himself.

“I had mixed feelings about it,” Chinchay told The Dodo, adding that the moment came as a shock to everyone involved. “The couple was surprised, but the people we work with were able to retrieve the veil and put it back on.”

Afterwards, boisterous Oso was corralled and put someplace safe, and the shoot continued. It was almost like that mishap never happened.

But, it seems, the memory of that moment is just too funny to dismiss.

This was a wedding photo shoot unlike any Chinchay had been involved with before — particularly given the fact that it was her dog wearing white. Even she admits Oso left his mark.

“He looked very funny,” Chinchay said. “This is another one of many memorable instances we’ve had with him.”

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