Canine Responds with Indifference towards Owner after Discovering Her with Another Pup

“Rollo couldn’t stand the jealousy”

Perhaps this dog name Rollo already had his suspicions — like from finding a faint, foreign scent lingering on his beloved owner’s hands, or mysterious fur on her clothes when she arrived home from work.

But could she really be seeing another dog?

After all, Rollo and her have always been inseparable.

“He is very spoiled,” Karen Cano, Rollo’s owner, told The Dodo. “He sleeps in bed with me, and we’re always together.”

That’s just how the faithful dog likes it.

Recently, however, Rollo caught wind of a shocking revelation.

Turns out, there is another dog in Cano’s life. Cano’s business partner also has a pup, a sweet girl named Bala, who sometimes comes to their workplace for visits.

Cano always gives Bala a pat or two when the pup pops in.

The other day, while Bala was visiting the office, Cano asked her brother to swing by with Rollo in tow. She and her business partner thought it would be nice for the two pups to meet.

That’s when, it seems, Rollo’s darkest suspicions were confirmed without even leaving the car:

Upon seeing Cano with Bala, Rollo appeared more than a little miffed by the apparent betrayal. He then gave Cano the cold shoulder.

“Rollo couldn’t stand the jealousy,” Cano said. “My intention was that he and Bala would become friends, but clearly it didn’t happen. He doesn’t want friends. He only wants me.”

Fortunately, Cano’s canoodling with another dog wasn’t quite an unforgivable act in the long run.

Following the incident, it didn’t take too long for Rollo’s icy demeanor to thaw. Cano reassured him that no other pup is above him — and she had just thing to prove it.

“I gave him a treat! Rollo always forgives when you give him food,” Cano said, adding that his place in her heart is never to change, no matter what: “We are the best of friends.”

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