Clever Dog Catches Tipsy Owner And Guides Her Safely To Bed

One night, Hannah Quintus, 22, from Eagle Grove, Iowa, went home to her two-year-old golden retriever, Jax, after having one too many drinks.

When she went out, she turned on her pet camera, which was still on when she returned. Once home, the camera was probably the last thing on her mind as she began to get ready to go to bed.

The video shows Hannah as she starts removing her purse and dog toys from her bed. A moment later, it shows her begin to stumble about and lose her balance. Before she tumbles to the floor, the concerned dog jumps up on her and guides her back onto the bed, using his paws.

Later, when Hannah saw the footage, she was embarrassed but decided to share it on TikTok anyway. She wrote the caption:

“When you’ve had too many drinks and your dog saves you.”

Incredible moment dog ‘catches’ tipsy owner as she stumbles and guides her safely onto her bed | Daily Mail Online

She also said:

“Looking back at the footage I was kind of embarrassed but I just thought it was really amazing and funny.”

“I’ve had Jax since he was seven weeks old and he’s the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

Hannah was later interviewed by the Daily Star and shared that she has a very close bond with her dog. She said that Jax “loves to be held and he constantly has to be touching somebody.”

The video has been viewed over 3 million times and received lots of comments, including these:

“He would make a really good service dog.

“’Best dog right there. My dog would have waited till I fell and then started licking me.”

Jax certainly is a clever boy when he made sure she didn’t fall. Please share his cuteness with your family and friends.

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