Devoid of flesh and reduced to mere bones, he tenaciously strives to cling to life, even in the absence of any remaining strength

The DoCa Shelter a non-profit, non-governmental rescue organization. Their facility located in Mladenovac is largest no-kill animal shelter. They received a call and photo about underweight ill puppy who walked the streets.

This sweet child was suffering from two illnesses, Bbesiosis and Demodicosis. He is quite young, barely 5 years old.

The rescue squad brought him with them to their Vet Clinic. After undergoing therapy for a week, he began to take meals.

Just after 10 days Fito is healthy and joyful again. His greatest days came with a wonderful family and loving home forever.

Fito is the happiest dog now enjoying with his new family in a loving environment. I admire the fantastic family very lot.

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