Found In Extreme State of Starvation – Bones Wanted To Pierce It’s Skin. This Dog Just Want To Live!

This dog, who appeared to have been locked up for some time prior to their discovery, was found on November 1 by a couple who had just purchased an old house.
Because he was underweight and had bones that were trying to pierce his skin, Marisa from Coraço100dono took him to the veterinarian.

We think Valentine was tossed inside the house because the gate was locked and he couldn’t go out because the previous owner didn’t have a dog. Before the pair came in, no one noticed him.

You can see that our child was infected with parasites and fleas for a few weeks and only had access to rainwater for food, but we can tell from the look in his eyes that he wants to live.

The following day, Marisa brought him back to her home. Valentine’s tale soon gained traction on social media.

The appetizer Vale brought back is now being savored by him. He was also taken outside by Marisa for a long overdue stroll. Our boy put on a kilo three days after being saved.

He still has a long way to go, but at least he can now walk correctly and play with his companions. He can also now sleep in a warm bed.

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