Groomer Begins Blow-Drying Husky’s Massive Fur & Moments Later Mayhem Ensues

A Siberian Husky’s coat is usually shed twice a year. This usually results in a lot of fluff to clear up for the owners. Many Husky owners enlist the help of skilled groomers to clean their pet’s hair in a sanitary manner.

In this video, Tagga, a 6-year-old Husky, gets his usual blow-dry from his groomer. Tagga goes to the groomer once every three months for a full fur-blowing treatment. But during this particular appointment, he was shedding an enormous amount of hair!

Tagga grumbles as Mike Vanderheyden, the groomer, begins blowing air into her fur. The 44-year-old groomer proceeds methodically through Tagga’s fur, but the room soon becomes filled with a fog of Tagga’s hair. Mike’s attempts to stay on the course are thwarted by the “low visibility,” which appears to form a “fur storm” as he struggles to complete his task.

Employee Sarah Dersek, who recorded this video, added that Tagga’s fur filled the shop vacuum and a similar-sized bucket. It was enough to fill a large garbage bag. By the end of the grooming session, Tagga had shed a significant amount of his previous fur. However, he ended up looking more attractive than ever! Mike gets credit for putting in a lot of effort on Tagga’s grooming!

We can’t stop LAUGHING! 😂 Click the video above to watch how Tagga’s fur gradually covers the entire room!

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