Heartbroken Mother Dog Refuses to Separate from Her Puppies Who Died in Labor and Digs Their Grave Again

In a terrible video, a distraught mother dog can be seen excavating the graves of her puppies and attempting to steal them. The incident happened after the puppies’ delivery problems occurred in Suzhou, Anhui Province, China.

The owner, Mr. Qin, said that two puppies perished during childbirth and that their buried carcasses had been hauled up from the ground “five or six times.”


In the first video, the dog is shown holding a dead puppy in her jaws while the owner pets her and eventually tries to get the body out from between her teeth.


The second video shows the mother kissing the carcasses of two puppies that are buried in a small grave after it appears that she has dug up the ground to reach them.

The dog responds to her owner’s soft stroking while appearing dejected and crying.

In the third video, the dog is seen carrying one of the deceased puppies while strolling down a path.

At the conclusion of the film, Mr. Qin removes the puppy from the dog and holds its lifeless body in his palm.


It’s unknown if any other puppies made it during the delivery.

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