Heroic Mother Dog: Starving and Freezing to Protect Her Five Hungry Puppies for Months

The tale of Celeste, a loving mother dog, has moved people across the globe. Celeste, who was peaceful, kind, and loving, was cruelly abandoned when she was two years old and was carrying a child. She was compelled to give birth and live on the streets without any protection.
Then, nearly wasting away to nothing, she tried everything she could under the trying conditions to care for her darling puppies.

A street dog has a difficult life. Five puppies must also be born, fed, and cared for on top of everything else. It’s understandable that Celeste and her five puppies would be found dangerously underweight. In the freezing winter, mother spent every nutrient she had on feeding and warming her puppies.
Elaine, the foster mother of Celeste, recalled: “She was so thin and those puppies were just nursing like crazy, and she just did her job as a mom even though she was starving to death.”


Celeste’s puppies were discovered to be in almost perfect health despite having a rough early existence. Celeste struggled to keep her five babies alive, and the effects of hunger could be seen on her body. The devoted mother had done everything in her power to keep her kids secure and healthy for around five months. Celeste was the one who finally received some attention.
Celeste has done everything to ensure that her kids are safe after a rough life living outside, and it’s time she received the same affection, according to the BC SPCA. “Celeste would rather starve than starve her puppies,” the organization stated.



It seemed fated when Elaine Nelson-Hosak, a BC SPCA foster mother, welcomed Celeste and her puppies into her home. After the passing of her dearest friend, Celeste entered her life. The moment seemed to have been meticulously planned, almost. They were interdependent. Who better to comfort the love of a wounded heart than a canine companion when Celeste and her puppies needed love and care?
After that, with the help of a disciplined “refeeding” schedule, Celeste was able to acquire weight and strength gradually but steadily. She ate six small, nutrient-dense meals a day, and her body responded nicely. She rapidly achieved a healthy weight of 90 pounds. Four of her five puppies have also already found loving homes and enjoyed a sweet reunion.

It was evident that she had already found her forever home based on how positively she responded to therapy and how much she connected with her foster mother. Known as “Momma” by her family, Celeste is currently living the life of a spoiled puppy by lounging on the couch and being warm by the fire. Her old existence on the streets was a far cry from this. She has finally found her niche, so she isn’t withering away anymore. Finally, Momma is secure, cozy, and cherished.

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