It’s every dog lover’s dream to be able to play and cuddle with corgis at this corgi café.

Tanchanok Kanawaong established a café in Bangkok, Thailand, in 2018, and twelve lovely corgis served as its workforce.

Corgi In The Garden is the appropriately called café in Kanawaong, where customers can socialize with the adorable puppies while they dine and drink.

The corgis are one large, close-knit family.

Then in 2019, Marmalade, a “lovely, intelligent and adorable” young tri-colored girl, joined the family as the 13th member.

They are a lovely, joyful group that are bringing happiness to everyone in their vicinity since they all genuinely adore each other.


Corgi In The Garden’s Instagram bio reads, “We spread happiness,” which seems like the right statement to make given all the lovely photos they post of the café and its workers.

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