Little puppy can’t stop thanking rescuer after saving his life

The following touching story shows that even animals appreciate an act of compassion that goes a long way. Instead of driving, Bob Hoelter opted to walk to his favourite store one night. He heard a feeble and sorrowful cry coming from below as he was crossing a bridge to get to the store.

He searched beneath and around the bridge for the creature going through a critical situation. He was heartbroken to see a scared puppy with his mouth taped shut. The poor dog’s previous owners had thrown him from the bridge.

Hoelter immediately took the puppy to the Griffith Animal Hospital, which was the closest hospital. Lori Kovavich, the hospital’s manager, made the puppy’s treatment a top priority.

They started by removing the tape over his muzzle, which had damaged his skin. Antibiotic ointment and shots were given to him.

They also discovered that the puppy had a damaged limb that needed to be repaired. They constructed a nice bed for the puppy after they finished the initial treatment.

After the puppy’s story went viral, a local family, The Wittings, fell in love with him right away and decided to adopt him, giving him the name Louie.

The man who rescued the dog was still unknown at the time, as he simply took him to the clinic and left without mentioning his name, but Hoelter’s niece noticed the clinic’s Facebook post about Louie’s story and arranged for their reunion.

When the dog was finally reunited with his hero, he recognised him right away and raced to show him all the love he could; it was his way of repaying the guy who had saved his life. Louie was licking Hoelter’s face nonstop.

Nobody expected Louie to identify his hero, but dogs never let us down. Louie now lives with the Wittings, his new family, but we have no doubt that he will never forget the guy who saved his life. Such a touching story.

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