Lonesome Stray Hit Hard Was Knocked Into Canal & He Couldn’t Climb Out

Stray animals fight more. Tough enough to thrive. While they must find food and shelter for themselves, their biggest obstacle is often avoiding danger. A stray dog near a busy highway was hit by a car. The force threw the dog into a canal.

The poor young man moaned as loud as he could. He was hurt and alone. Due to his injuries, he was unable to get out of the canal. All he could do was wait in the vain hope that someone would see him and help him. Finally someone finished it!

When the dog started crying, the Good Samaritan went to his house for help. Eventually, he and his son freed the dog and took him to a nearby veterinary clinic. Despite everything, the dog was extremely brave. He was cold and worried.

After a complete examination, the veterinarian did an x-ray. The dog’s spine was badly broken. He and his team gave the dog an intravenous injection of fluids and painkillers so he could rest. Surgery was an option, but the results remain to be seen.


They offered the dog a nice place to rest after a good bath. Before choosing a remedy, they had to keep her as healthy as possible. He is hungry and exhausted. The dog needs to grow strong with constant feeding and plenty of rest. Now is the time to pray for his recovery as this rescue has just happened.

We are incredibly grateful to the Good Samaritan, the medical staff and the brave canine spirit. Let’s pray and send good thoughts to this little dog! Scroll down to see the heroic dog rescue. All lives matter and stray animals need our help now more than ever!


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