Longest shelter resident falls asleep smiling when he finally finds a family

When a dog remembers his home, he or she displays a smile.

After being abandoned for much too long, the rescuers who were trying to find him a home were affected by the adopted dog’s smile. Petey, a dog that was turned down by potential adopters and transferred from a high admission shelter in North Carolina to SPCA Wake in early October, got a status update on his adoption from the SPCA of Wake County.

Petey had been residing in the county shelter in North Carolina for the longest at just one year old. To improve his prospects of reuniting with his family, the shelter sought to.
In the hope that a family would finally find him, SPCA Wake placed a picture of him online. His image quickly captured the hearts of a family that saw it.

They brought him home, took some wonderful photos of him playing and cuddling with his new family, and then shared the pictures with their furry friend. Additionally, a photo of Petey grinning broadly while snuggled up on a blanket was released.
The animal sanctuary penned the following on Facebook: “That is the smile of a dog that knows he’s home.”

He is settling in to his new home admirably, according to Petey’s new family. He enjoys lying in bed, going on adventures, and getting things. Along with his new sibling, he enjoys playing with any dog he meets. Due to his acceptance and display of his loving side, Petey is the ideal addition. His presence makes me happy.

The fact that Petey has them makes him extremely happy!


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