Loyalty Unreciprocated: Dog Left Behind by Owner’s Heartless Sale

The former owner of this property sold it and mercilessly abandoned his dog on the street. Oscar understood that this was his home and that his family would return.

Oscar was a sweet dog who was abandoned when his owner decided to relocate and just left him behind. Oscar waited peacefully at his front door for months, waiting for his owner to return, but they never did.

Oscar’s neighbors decided to take turns feeding him. He also became acquainted with a neighbor’s cat. He is unhappy and misses his family despite being well cared for.

Rescuers went up to save him after hearing his story. Even after being abandoned by his family, he remains beloved and kind.

However, the Love Furry Buddies intervened and take him in!

He was brought to a veterinary clinic and washed before receiving parasite treatment. He was escorted to the beach for photographs after getting pampered at a pet-friendly salon.

Oscar drew the attention of a kind family that wanted to adopt him right away. Oscar is living the dream right now, with a Yorkie and a wonderful family.

They assisted him and published his tale on social media, which garnered a lot of attention. Adorable kids will undoubtedly be adopted soon!

Below is a video from Love Furry Friends that tells a wonderful story.

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