Miraculous Rescue: Injured Puppy’s Survival in Maggot-Infested Cave without Food or Water

Someone told Kokkachi Shelter about a little puppy with a wound around his stomach, so the volunteers team went there and investigated at the time he was outside the cave, but they didn’t have anything to catch him.

So they returned to the shelter and obtained all required supplies such as cloth, milk, and a bag. The squad returned by the time he entered the cave and did not come out. Someone set a bowl of milk outside the cave and waited a few hours.

He emerged from the cave after a few hours, by which time the cave had been sealed with wooden blocks. And caught the puppy, wrapped it in a towel, and took him to a veterinary facility in Calicut.

The rescue attempt was difficult since he constantly went inside when they tried to catch him. Because the cave was so large, it took some time to catch him.

Because it being a holiday, the veterinary clinics were closed. Finally, they discovered a nice doctor who agreed to treat him, Dr. Shihabudheen, who performed all treatments for free.

They took the puppy to Kokkachi’s shelter for treatment. “And he will be a member of the Kokkachi family.”

The puppy healed fast and is full of vigor. From the moment they saw him, the whole shelter staff fell in love with him. He has stunning eyes.

The Puppy is currently in wonderful condition and enjoys every moment with his human buddies, but the adorable puppy still needs a permanent family…

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