Mother Dog Abandoned by Owner, both Legs Crushed by Train, but Still Tries to Care for 4 Small Pups

The mother dog was abandoned by the master, both legs were crushed by the train, but she is still trying to take care of the 4 puppies.

This dog, who was “mercilessly abandoned” by his owner, suffered a fatal accident when his hind legs were crushed by a train. Until Si Bao gave birth to four extremely beautiful and healthy puppies, who essentially became the lifeblood of the miserable mother dog’s existence, her life seemed hopeless.

Si Bao came to her senses after regaining her joy in life after having children, and since then she has a persistent and strong attitude towards taking care of her children. Si Bao moved on its two front legs while keeping an eye on the children.

When the charity Animals Asia, founded by Jill Robinson, rescued her family and appointed this brave mother as an animal ambassador, Si Bao’s luck got better. As a result, Si Bao moved to the organization’s headquarters, where she can start a new life with her child,

instead of trying to support herself by collecting scraps from passengers along the railway line. Only Muddie managed to survive. Lelly also changed her name from Si Bao and plans to get prosthetics with wheels to help her move around more easily. When the group discovered Lelly’s four cubs, three had already died of high fever, leaving only Muddie.


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