New Beginnings: Rescued Dog Delivers Seven Healthy Puppies After Escaping Neglect.

Earlier this year, The Humane Society of the United States responded to a suspected large-scale neglect case in New Mexico.

On the property, over 50 dogs were found and rescued, including puppies and several pregnant dogs.

One of the pregnant mama dogs, Dorothy, was likely being used for breeding and it’s unclear what the future would’ve held for her poor puppies.

Thankfully, help arrived before the puppies were born and Dorothy found herself in a safe, comfortable house with Humane Society staff members at her side. It was in that comfortable place that she was able to give birth.

The Humane Society shared the news on YouTube, explaining that Dorothy was able to give birth successfully and have seven healthy puppies!


They wrote:

“Dorothy was rescued, along with more than 50 other dogs, from an alleged large-scale neglect case in New Mexico. Like several other dogs we rescued, she was pregnant when she came into our care.

Thanks to your support, Dorothy was able to give birth in the safety and comfort of one of our staff member’s homes. Watch as she gives birth to her beautiful new puppies!”

The puppies, and Dorothy, now have a shot at living healthy, full lives in loving homes – and it’s all thanks to the rescuers!


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