Puppy discovered tied up outside airport, unable to board plane, brings people to tears.

Allie was deserted when her owner made the decision to still fly (Image: Animal Rescue League)

Puppy discovered tied up outside airport, unable to board plane, brings people to tears.

A dog has been found tied up and abandoned outside an airport in Iowa, US, after a traveller was stopped from taking her on a flight because they didn’t have a carrier

A young dog was found dumped outside an airport in America after a traveller was banned from flying with her. The “incredibly sweet” one-year-old puppy, later named Allie by rescuers, was tied up in front of Des Moines International Airport in Iowa, US, last Thursday and rescued by Animal Rescue League.

Airport staff told the animal welfare charity that a traveller – presumed to be the dog’s owner – had been stopped from taking the pup on the plane because they didn’t have a carrier. The person left the airport with the puppy then returned alone to board the flight, leaving the pooch tied up outdoors.

People were taken to tears by the news of her abandonment ( Image: Animal Rescue League)

An emotional Facebook post on Animal Rescue League’s page reads: “Unprecedented flight cancellations have left thousands of people stranded at airports this week, but the airlines weren’t to blame for this sweet pup being stranded at the Des Moines airport yesterday…

“When ARL Animal Services officers responded to a call about a dog tied up outside the airport, airline workers told us the dog was unable to board the cross-country flight home with her owner because the owner did not have a kennel.

“They said the owner left the airport with the dog, but returned alone, and went on to board their flight.

“The one-year-old female dog, who we have been calling Allie, was later found tied up outside the airport.

“Allie is incredibly sweet and is now safe in our care and loving attention from our staff team.

There is hope the sweet girl will be snapped up quickly by adopters ( Image: Animal Rescue League)

“The incident is still an active investigation, and more details will be released as they are able to be shared.”

The charity provided a link for dog lovers to donate to Allie’s care online.

A video of Allie on the post racked up more than 18,000 views and hundreds of comments, with many people expressing their shock and concern for her abandonment.

“Such a sweet girl. I can’t imagine leaving her behind. Her owner doesn’t deserve to get her back,” one person said.

“This is heartbreaking,” another wrote, while a third commented: “How do people just leave their pet? My pets are my babies!”

Many people offered their homes for adoption, with one follower writing: “Would love to add her to my tribe. She’s going to be a popular girl I feel! Praying she ends up with a family who will love her to pieces.”

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