“Red Tegu” Its popular pet because they are known for their docile temperament

The Red Tegu, also called Argentine Red Tegu Lizard, or simply, Argentine Tegu, is a species of large lizards found in parts of South America

It is the largest member of the lizard genus Tupinambis that contains six other tegu species. They are known for their docile temperament, and hence, is easy for humans to tame them.

Size: Adult females can reach 91 cm (around 3 ft), while the males can reach up to 140 cm (4.5 ft) in length (head to tail).


Weight: A healthy, adult red tegu can weigh around 50 pounds.

Color: They are brownish-green, having black stripes across the width along with several broken white stripes down their length. They develop their characteristic red coloration (from which they get their name) as they mature

Body: They are characterized by a muscular body, a wide skull (head), a very short neck and a forked tongue.

– Lifespan –
The average longevity of the red tegu is between 15 and 20 years.

– Distribution –
The range of the red tegu is western Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay

– Habitat –
These tegus are found in various habitats like savannas, swamps, meadows, rainforests, and open fields.

– Behavioral Characteristics –
Red tegus are diurnal reptiles that have the ability to run on their hind legs and love to swim.


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