Rescue puppy with ton of fluid in his abdomen, People thought she was pregnant

People thought she was pregnant when they saw a dog with a lot of fluid in her stomach. This puppy was sick and in difficult circumstances.

He underwent x-rays, blood tests and fluid analysis. The people they were trying to help expected results. The stage managers are currently emptying all the liquid from their stomachs. It’s a very unfortunate scenario.



So far the liquid is about 10 liters or more. He is in agony and distress as the liquid drains out, but he otherwise appears calm and is actually falling asleep. His bones were starting to show. After months of pain and misery, you will finally be able to sleep well.

They said they would stay with him in the clinic, filling more and more buckets. Moreover, they will give you all the updates about it.

Thank you so much to everyone who supported! With love, all shake hands.

(They named it fufy. Ascites is the medical name for this condition, which is characterized by an accumulation of fluid following liver or organ failure. The findings support other points of view. seen.)


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