Thе Onе-Eyеd Dog Who Was Abusеd Is Now Liνing A Happy Lifе

By displaying her strength and will to survive, a dog whose owners mistreated her has motivated thousands of animal lovers around the globe. Her story is unfortunately a reflection of the cruel and repulsive behavior of some people who mercilessly assault these kind people, causing them great physical and emotional suffering.

A new chance has been given to the dog who lost an eye.

This is the tale of Bubbles, a bull terrier dog that was shot by a callous person and suffered the loss of an eye and a portion of her jaw. As if it weren’t enough, the diagnostic indicated that she had suffered a terrible beating.


When she was only six months old and saved by a dog shelter in Houston, Texas, this adorable canine had a difficult life.

Only six months old at the time of the abuse.

All required examinations were carried out at the shelter, including a CT scan that pinpointed the bullet’s precise trajectory.

He lost his right eye, a portion of his jaw, and his inner ear as a result of the bullet’s severe wounds, which were also fatal.

He took some time to get better, but he ultimately delivered the best outcomes.

Although Bubbles had a difficult rehabilitation process, she was not by herself this time; she had the help of good, compassionate people who did everything in their power to ensure that she was strong and healthy.

The dog’s care was offered courtesy of Kilyn Horton Blanchard and Ike Blanchard, operators of a mobile dog grooming business.

She is an energetic, outgoing dog who loves to play with children.

They felt they had to assist her after learning about her plight in 2017. In this context, Kilyn said:
“Her shattered right jaw joint and the calcified mass that formed from the broken bones were both injuries. Inches and a half at most, Bubbles’ mouth could barely open. She can eat, which is fantastic.”

The couple just intended to save the dog, but were finally persuaded to adopt her by her sweetness and her determination to fight for her life.

In a home where he was constantly given the care he required, Bubbles had found a devoted family and was now beginning to heal.

When she was first adopted, Kilyn remembers it with emotion:

She was dozing off in her kennel when we opened it, but as soon as we did, she jumped out, buried her head in my breast, and demanded a hug.

Numerous individuals from all over the world were moved by the touching story of this adorable dog, which transcended national boundaries. After recovering for four years, Bubbles is now healthy and happy; her injuries are behind her.

She now has a positive outlook and is excited about this new opportunity. She enjoys sharing with others and does so by smiling and twirling her tail.

The spotlight is something Bubbles likes.

Parents who have adopted them urge others to take in puppies with traumatic histories. To assist them escape the shell they were imprisoned in, they need a lot of love and patience as well as special attention.

“There is a lot of cruelty in the world, but we want people to know that seeing an injured or mistreated shelter dog doesn’t always mean it’s broken; sometimes they’re simply afraid — all they need is a little love and they have a lot to give in return,” Kilyn said.


A book was written for Bubbles, a lovely tale to instill empathy and understanding of others, because he has gained so much fame.
Additionally, this cute puppy participates in a number of activities to raise awareness of the fact that animal abuse is a significant issue in our culture. Accordng to Killin

“We are currently trying to encourage her to collaborate with other animal rescue organizations to raise awareness of animal abuse, including visiting schools and instructing children on how to treat animals appropriately. While we want to share her story and demonstrate that her terrible past should not determine her future, we also want to keep an eye on it. Along with it, we want to encourage kindness and compassion toward others.”

There are many tales that, like Bubbles, trouble and move us. Sadly, the violent tsunami that has overrun our entire society also includes animal maltreatment.
The importance of stopping and preventing animal abuse must be emphasized, and the first step is to spread awareness on how to love and respect animals.


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