The Good Guy Saved the Unfortunate Puppy Dumped in the Trash from Death

A Touching Tale of Resilience: Johan’s Rehabilitation from a Landfill

When we discovered Johan, a weak and abandoned puppy who had been left alive in a landfill, my heart broke into a million pieces. We found the scene to be tragic, and we wondered why someone would abandon a helpless creature like Johan in such a precarious situation. A small youngster observed Johan rummaging through trash and promptly called us, Sokak, a nearby animal protection charity, to let us know.

When we got to the landfill, Johan’s owner was still there, but she was cold-hearted and urged us to leave Johan alone. Johan had earned his fate, she argued, but she was unable to articulate why. We were astounded and perplexed by her callousness. Sokak debated with her for ten minutes despite her objections, trying in vain to persuade her.

Finally, against his owner’s desires, Sokak decided to save Johan. She ignored the woman’s protestations and carried him off on her shoulder. Johan was no longer her property; instead, he was treated like any other piece of trash dumped in a landfill.


Johan was in terrible condition when we hurried him to the veterinarian. He took numerous medication injections to keep him stable and fighting. Johan was a big dog, so it was difficult, but we were determined to save him. Johan regained consciousness after three grueling hours, and as we witnessed him taking his first steps, our hearts melted.


Johan received intensive care and therapy at the vet throughout the course of the following two days. He was frail, yet he shown tremendous fortitude. He was finally permitted to go with us and take his prescribed medication. We gave him a comfortable bed and good food, and over time, we noticed him improving.

Although though Johan was still frail and underweight, he could move around our shelter a little more easily. We were in this fight together, but he still had a long way to go. In our shelter, Johan thoroughly enjoyed his first walk in the sunshine, and we could see the hope in his eyes.


Johan’s journey from a landfill to recovery is evidence of both the strength of compassion and the resiliency of animals. It is encouraging to see how well he is doing, and we are determined to give him the love, attention, and assistance he needs to fully recover. Every life, no matter how wasted or abandoned, deserves a second shot, as Johan’s story serves as a reminder. With your help, we can improve the lives of animals like Johan as we continue to fight for their rights.

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