The Heartwarming Story of a Tiny Abandoned Puppy Who Chased a Cop Down the Street to Find a Loving Home

A small puppy was in awe after a real-life hero rescued it from a life on the streets.

The tiny puppy was traversing the streets of Los Angeles aimlessly and uncared for when he encountered two police officers.

The puppy decided to request assistance and stumbled toward them on his small feet.

When Officers Mercado and Tavera saw the puppy, they knew they had to save the helpless, adorable creature.

He was obviously in need of someone to adore and protect him, and he was much too young to care for himself.


The officers retrieved the stray dog and returned him to the station.

Officer Tavera held the puppy in his lap during the car journey, and the dog could not stop gazing with adoration at his rescuers.

The puppy, named “Hobart” after the street where he was discovered, was overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude.

Moreover, he was in dread of Officer Mercado. His tiny heart was overflowing with admiration for his idol.


Hobart was carried to the police station, where an honorary K-9 title was bestowed upon him.

Everyone at the station fell in love with the tiny dog, and Hobart relished the attention.

Nonetheless, at the end of the day, he had Mercado in mind.

Fortunately for Hobart, Mercado decided to adopt him and make him the happiest canine in the world.


Little Hobart now lives happily with his personal hero and has the safe and loving home he has always desired and merited.

The LAPD tweeted the touching story of Hobart and Mercado, which has touched many hearts.

We are overjoyed that Hobart received a positive ending.

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