This Homeless Dog Was Shot Multiple Times in The Head, but She Continued To Fight For Her Life

Amal Andari’s attention was recently drawn to a stray puppy wandering on the side of the road just outside Beirut, Lebanon, as she and a companion were driving by. When they discovered a gaping wound on her skull, they realized she required immediate medical assistance of a more serious nature.

The small, ailing dog was rushed to a nearby veterinarian, where X-rays revealed that she had been shot dozens of times with a pellet gun, most likely by ‘fun-seeking’ adolescents, and was infected with parvovirus. Andari, a volunteer for the animal welfare organization Animals Lebanon, told The Dodo that the poisoning of homeless dogs is a disturbingly prevalent occurrence in her country.

Despite being injured and blinded as a result of her attack, the puppy, now named Bondok, remained determined to survive. Bondok is now on the mend and ready to find her special everlasting home – in or outside of Lebanon – after overcoming the initial 25% survival chance that was given to her.

Amal Andari was recently traveling near Beirut, Lebanon, when she spotted a stray puppy on the side of the road.

She had only stopped to give her some water when she noticed a severe head laceration.

After transporting the puppy to a nearby veterinarian, X-rays revealed a shocking discovery.

She had been shot dozens of times with a pellet gun, presumably by local adolescents “for fun.”


After her vicious attack, she was injured, blinded, and left to die, but she clung on.

This dog, now named Bondok, defied the odds and made a complete recovery.

Bondok is currently cheerful and healthy, but she is still searching for her forever home.

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