This Terrified Puppy Spent 6 Hours Stuck inside a Pipe has been Rescued After a Police Officer Dug 2 Holes in a Garden and a House to Pull Him Out

A puppy that had been trapped in an underground water pipe for more than six hours was finally released.

In a terrible photograph made during the rescue, the poor pug trapped inside the tight tue is shown.

The one-month-old puppy was given the name Donatello as Monica Kawahisa Yoshioka, the proprietor of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, depended on him.

The pitiful pug trapped inside the small tube can be seen in a heartbreaking picture captured during the rescue.
During the rescue, a heartbreaking picture of the dejected pug trapped in the small area was captured.

Donatello was killed by Sao Paulo Municipal Civil Guards after being hit by a funnel in a building in Guara, in southeast Brazil. The action lasted two hours.

The six-pup puppy litter fell into an opening in a pipeline last weekend as employees were repairing it. For four hours Monica, 35, gave it her best shot to awaken the terrified Donatello. The difficulty arose from the fact that the animal had disappeared and no one knew where it might be trapped along the pipe. When the puppy finally stopped shrieking after several fruitless efforts, the worried owner became alarmed. In an attempt to save face, she called the prison guards from the local jail. Considering how upset the dog was,


We were unable to get him to comply, so at first I thought I could pull him out by shoving my hand down the tube and pulling.
Following his encounter with a funnel on a property in Guara, southeast Brazil, Donatello was put to death by Sao Paulo Municipal Civil Guards in a two-hour exercise.

One of six puppies, the canine was hurt last weekend when it fell into a pipeline opening that was being repaired by workers.

Donatello was killed in a two-hour raid by Sao Paulo City Civil Guards after being rendered unconscious by a funnel in a building in Guara, in southeast Brazil.

The police broke the pipe, and the pug licked the pieces after it had divided.

Even his precise position inside was unknown to us.

I asked some companions for assistance, but we were unable to lift the object. When he ceased making sounds, I was on the verge of crying because I believed he was going to pass away.
Within a two-hour period, the police team dug two holes: one in the yard and one in the passageway.

In an effort to find the canine, agents broke tiles and searched the floor.

Their choice was to We tried to raise the object with a few of my friends’ help, but we were unsuccessful. I was so afraid that he would die when he ceased making any noises that I was on the verge of crying. One hole was excavated in the hallway, and the other was dug in the garden, over the course of a two-hour operation.

By breaking tiles, agents combed the floor for the canine, but they were unsuccessful. They decided to take pictures inside the pipe, to locate the creature and make sure it was still alive.

Attempting her best to rouse a terrified Donatello, Monica, 35, a ‘et, attempted her best for four hours.


The 35-year-old lady named Monica tried her hardest to defuse Donatello’s agitation over the course of four hours.
“They placed a mobile phone inside the cage to locate the puppy,” said civil guard Amarildo Aparecido dos Santos.

After several investigations, it was determined that the animal had been washed lower and was actually in the yard.

The PVC piping was covered in earth, so police cut a hole near to the puppy and removed it.

A garden hose that had been inserted down the conduit in the opening cut out in the hallway was used to push the animal forward from behind.

The owner of the canine was successful in dragging the trapped puppy to safety.
When Monica walked outside to feed the puppies and their mother in the morning as usual, she observed one of the puppies was muttering.

I heard a sound coming from below and called out for him. Suddenly, it became clear to me what had happened.

Because the cap covering the pipe leak, which was being repaired, had been moved, the puppy had slipped into the hole.

In a two-hour exercise, the squad of officers dug two holes, one in the corridor and the other in the garden.

The officers spent two hours digging two ditches, one in the yard and one in the hallway.

The confused animal was eventually freed, unharmed but very filthy. After getting a thorough clean, he is shown here.

The confused creature was finally set free, unhurt but very filthy. This picture was shot right after a thorough cleaning of him.

Monica can be seen reaching inside a broken pipe in the garden in a film of a rescue operation.


She taps the side of the truck gently for a few seconds, hoping to entice the dog outside.
At the same time, a policeman is hose-pushing the canine from behind.

The confused creature was finally set free, unhurt but very filthy.

In the end, Monica continued, this could have been catastrophic.

Though “absolutely amazing,” the city guards were committed to rescuing the captive animal.

Already back at his house, the rambunctious puppy is behaving normally.

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