Vagrant Dog With Dwindling Spirit Shrieked In Pain As They Crept Toward Him

Hope For Paws received a call about a terrified and injured dog in urgent need of help.

A good Samaritan named Mike Badger had been feeding the homeless dog every day, and when he discovered Hope For Paws, he knew they were the right people to call.

Mr. Badger led Hope For Paws volunteers to the dog’s usual hiding place, but the dog wasn’t there. They then spotted him sleeping against a wall in the industrial area, which overlooks a parking lot and a busy street. Since they didn’t want the dog to run into traffic, they knew they had to be careful but act quickly.

The dog was so frightened that he bolted as soon as he saw the rescuers approaching him. They chased him into the parking lot and managed to catch him with a snare.

The petrified puppy yelped and tried to escape the snare, but he didn’t know that these people were there to help him. Eventually, he calmed down and accepted some food from the rescuers.

They named him Masik and took him to the vet, where he was closely examined. His body was covered with dirty, matted hair and fleas. He was so matted that he was given a deep anesthetic to shave him completely.

X-rays also revealed that he had a crushed pelvis. Dr. Antonio Pedraza performed a surgical procedure to repair it, which fortunately was successful.

Masik is now healing and living in a foster home with L.A. Animal Rescue. He is already doing much better, but all he needs is a forever home.

If you would like to adopt sweet Masik, please contact L.A. Animal Rescue at

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