Abandoned puppy rescued on active Kansas highway

An abandoned puppy was discovered on a road near Wamego on Saturday and has since found a new home.

During their trip to Manhattan, Coleman Electric employees discovered a puppy in a car carrier. Matt McMillan and Steve McLean managed to stop the double-decker bus with the help of the pilots. They managed to stop the car to save the dog.

After the rescue, Mcmillan cared for the dog while he worked. Karmel, a 4 month old Labrador retriever mix puppy.

“Ever since we found him, he’s been sitting at your feet because he’s the sweetest puppy,” Mcmillan said. I think he needed to recover and regain his strength as he slept most of the previous two days.

Crime Stoppers now offers a higher cash reward for information on a body found in West Wichita. Mcmillan thought she couldn’t live without him after recently losing one of her own dogs.


On Tuesday, Mcmillan took the dog to have the chip removed. The original owners replied that they did not want it back when contacted. At first, the dog was brought from a shelter in Manhattan.


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