Adorable fox-like dog in search of loving forever home.

Ted has the ears of a fox and a heart of gold (Image: Dogs Trust)

Adorable fox-like dog in search of loving forever home.

A beautiful dog who looks much like a golden fox is searching for a new family to love and accept him. Ted the four-year-old collie cross is currently being homed at Dogs Trust Manchester, where he loves chilling out with his human friends and going on walks.

Ted is fun, affectionate and sensitive to noise so would suit a home in a quieter area. Manager Lisa told the Mirror : “Ted is an amazing boy and will make a loving companion. He just needs owners that understand him and are happy to help him with his anxieties in terms of noise and other dogs.

He will need an owner with experience of reactive dogs ( Image: Dogs Trust)

“He will need to be walked by adults due to his reactivity, but he can live with children aged 14 or over.”

Ted loves a day trip so is always happy to head out into the countryside for a long, relaxing walk.

He will also benefit from having a garden so if he just wants to chill out or enjoy exercise at home, he can.

Ted is a clever boy and knows lots of tricks, which he is happy to show anyone, and he is always ready to learn more in return for a tasty treat.

Dogs Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, cares for around 14,000 dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes every year at its 22 rehoming centres.

But this year has been an exceptional year with the charity receiving a record number of calls from people having to face the heart-breaking decision to hand over their dog.

The charity is urging people to remember that ‘A dog is for life, not just for Christmas’ and is hoping that if people are considering welcoming a dog into their lives, they choose to adopt a homeless hound.

Operations director Adam Clowes says: “We will make sure that every dog in our care has a wonderful Christmas but unfortunately due to the increasing costs of everyday living, many dog owners are currently having to make very difficult decisions when it comes to caring for their dog.

“Our kennels are at capacity and we are concerned that as fewer people can afford to welcome a dog into their life, we will face a housing crisis for dogs in the coming months, which is a tragedy for both dogs and owners.

“We understand the pressures people are facing but we would encourage anyone that is looking for a four-legged friend to share their life with, to consider adopting one of our gorgeous dogs and give a dog in need another chance to be happy at the heart of a loving home.”

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