“African Bullfrog” Formidable creatures have sharp teeth and voracious appetites

Do you like the rainy season? Well, if so, you are not alone! There are several animals who love the rainy season, the foremost of them being the giant African Bullfrog.

They are the second biggest frog in all of the world, and only emerge out into the shallow waters during the breeding season.

Found all over Southern Africa, these amphibians are angry, aggressive, and ready to fight!

Though they spend most of their time in the dry season under the soil to keep cool, they are back in action as soon as the water starts to rise.

Well known for eating their own children and having the teeth to gobble up any animal in the shallow water they call their habitat, these bullfrogs from Africa are set to make the most of their breeding season.

The African Bullfrog (class Amphibia, order Anura, family Pyxicephalidae, Pyxicephalus species) is the second biggest frog in the world.

These frogs usually have smooth olive-green skin without any bumps or cuts. The males have a yellow throat (called the dewlap) while the females have a lighter shade, somewhere cream in shade.

They do not have webbed feet but instead have a callus on their hind feet which helps these frogs dig.

They also shed their skin regularly and will eat it when they shed it. The young ones of these amphibians will be far more colored.

The African Bullfrogs are some of the biggest frog species around. They can be up to nine inches long, which is just some inches smaller than the Goliath frog, the biggest known frog species in the world.

The females are somewhat smaller at around six inches, but still very significant.



The African Bullfrogs weigh around 3.1 lb for males and approximately 1.5 lb for females. This is because the females are usually smaller in size, and so, weigh less.

The African Bullfrogs are not very fast runners. Due to their size and weight, they find it difficult to travel through mud and swamps.

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