After an 8 Month Deployment, This Soldier Returns Home just To Surprise His Dog

When military family members are deployed for months at a time, it is difficult for both the soldier and their family.

People, however, overlook the impact it may have on their companions, who are unable to comprehend where their owner has gone.

Troy Glendenning, a U.S. Army E4 Specialist, has spent the past eight months in the Middle East, separating him from his cherished dog, Posie.

Posie has longed for her human ever since he departed, and she has been impatiently awaiting his return.


Posie had no notion that her human was coming home, but when she goes outside, she senses that something is amiss. She circles the outdoors while barking until she finds him.

Troy was uncertain of Posie’s reaction, but her response was sweeter than he had anticipated.

As soon as she caught a glimpse of him, Posie was unable to contain her enthusiasm. She raced toward him and leapt into his arms, wagging her tail rapidly and covering his face with kisses.

Troy and Posie bonded during COVID quarantine, and judging by the expressions on their faces during their tender reunion, it is evident how close they have become.



Both of them are ecstatic to be reunited, and they intend to make up for missed time by spending every waking moment together.

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