“Are you sure you won’t raise your hand to me?” The dog saw affection for the first time in his old age

Residents of the dacha village called to the animal shelter. They requested volunteers to come as quickly as possible since the dog they were concerned about was so weak and no one expected him to live more than a few hours.

This dog was widely known among the residents since it resided all year in a vacation village and frequently approached people. People assumed that the dog had previous owners, that he may have guarded one of the locations, and that he simply ceased to be required by the people who abandoned him. Perhaps this dog never had a home of its own. Nobody knew when this dog appeared or what happened to him.

The dog was quiet and did not cause any problems for the residents. He was frequently observed around the junkyard, where he attempted to forage for his own food. The villagers just disregarded the dog; no one drove it away or insulted it, but no one wanted to care for it; no one even considered feeding the dog on occasion.

The dog had been a resident of the village for many years and was fairly old. People stood motionless when they realized the dog was lying. The animal’s paw was turned out, he couldn’t move, and flies were already flying close.

When passersby saw the dog in this condition, they believed it had perished. People recognized the animal’s life was not finished when it opened its eyes and moved a bit.

Nobody wanted to assist the dog, until one woman called the animal shelter.

When the volunteers came a few hours later, the dog displayed its teeth. The dog was too weak to resist, and he didn’t trust people because he had only experienced apathy from them.

The dog’s situation was incredibly terrible for several days, but gradually the dog began to heal.

He was taken from the clinic and placed in an orphanage.

Initially, the dog shunned both other animals and humans. He ate and spent his days by himself. Volunteers let the dog to remain alone; everyone was persuaded that at such a young age, the dog would never adjust to a new way of life.

Hans, as the dog was called at the shelter, was preparing to go to bed one evening when one of the volunteers arrived. The girl hadn’t been there in a while, so she hadn’t had chance to meet a newbie.

– Who are we dealing with here? Let’s get to know each other, said the girl and hem to Hans.

The dog couldn’t comprehend what this girl wanted from him because he was already used to volunteers not approaching him and, even more so, not trying to pat him.

Hans didn’t snarl or expose his teeth, but he did appear apprehensive.

The girl caressed the dog, and with each touch, the dog gained more confidence and became more friendly. It was a huge revelation to an aging dog that people can both give pain and deliver delight.

The dog did not leave the girl alone after that and continuously sought love. Stroking had become more important to him than eating and sleep.

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