Dad Justifies Allowing His 1-Year-Old Son to Sleep and Cuddle With a Giant Pit Bull

The pit bull endures unfair assumptions more than any other canine breed. It has long been believed that pit bulls are vicious and naturally aggressive dogs.

As with any species, the dog’s environment and upbringing have a significant impact on its behavior. Many pit bulls reared as pets are sociable with both humans and other animals.

However, the breed has suffered tremendously as a result of its unfavorable reputation; not only are they frequently used in illegal dog fighting rings, but they also have trouble finding homes. The preponderance of sightings of this breed occur in animal shelters.
A father who defended his canines after receiving criticism for allowing them to be near his child made a valiant effort to refute the accusations.

Jarad Derochet is the owner of MVP Kennels, which breeds American Bully canines. Despite their negative reputation, he is adamant that pit bulls make excellent companions; his Instagram feed demonstrates how happy and friendly pit bulls can be.

He is at ease allowing his dogs to interact with his small children due to his high level of confidence in them.

Jarad demonstrated that, contrary to the concerns of many pit bull opponents regarding their behavior around neonates, pit bulls enjoy cuddling with children.



While the majority of people found these photos to be adorable, others did not; Jarad reportedly received criticism from those who believed he was endangering his son’s life by allowing him to stay the night with a pit bull.

Despite this, he defended himself and the animals by speaking up. Adding that his pit bulls were so affectionate and caring that they would never harm his children, he expressed his hope that the priceless photographs and videos will alter the public’s perception of the breed.

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