Desperate Dog Stuck Her Head Out Of The Kennel To See How Her Friends Were Adopted And She Is Not

Alone in her cell at the Spartanburg Humane Society, a beautiful dog named Chauncey pushed her head through a hole at the bottom of the door. She watched as yet another dog walked out of the shelter with their new family.

Maybe it was her breed, or maybe it was because she wasn’t as outgoing as the other dogs. Whatever the cause, it was evident – Chauncey was having a terrible time finding her permanent home.

“Chauncey is quite shy until she gets to know you,” Angel Cox, CEO of the Spartanburg Humane Society, told The Dodo. “So with all the barking and constant bustle at the shelter, she kind of watched the world go by.”


Shelter staff were devastated for Chauncey. They understood that the precocious pup might be a fantastic companion, and they hoped someone would give her a chance. While Chauncey waited day after day, staff employees kept her company giving her tons of pets and bringing her on lengthy walks.

“She adored being carried and walked by the staff and the volunteers,” Cox added. “She is fantastic on a leash, so she was certainly a volunteer favorite.”

When Chauncey’s initial home didn’t end up being a good fit, the dog returned to the humane society. Despite it hadn’t worked out, Chauncey wasn’t going to give up on discovering her family.

Eventually, another family walked in, having read a post about Chauncey on Facebook. This time, Chauncey was ready to put her lovely personality on full show. It was immediately evident that they were a fantastic combination.

“She sold herself immediately away,” Cox claimed. “She is a really affectionate dog and won them over with her sweetness.”


Seeing Chauncey depart the humane society with her family, shelter staff were pleased to know that the dog had found a home where she belonged.

“We were so delighted for her to find a terrific home, but we always mourn them when they leave,” Cox said. “It is obviously bittersweet when kids get adopted, but we are always pleased deep down inside.”

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