Desperate puppy collapse when he discovered he was safe from starving and decease

The puppy was originally frightened by the presence of humans, but as the time went, he gained confidence. Despite the days he had spent by himself, he was in terrific health but incredibly miserable.

Dogs that live on the streets face many difficulties. However, there have been tales of callous people leaving kittens in helpless positions.
An illustration of this was given on the YouTube channel of a shelter called Animal House New, when a rescue crew responded to the call of some neighbors who had found an abandoned puppy in an abandoned home nearby.

The puppy was not only left to its fate, without food or water, but it was also tied to one of the house’s doors, which was the most horrible deed of all.

There didn’t appear to be anyone else with the dog. The Animal House New crew arrived on the scene with their cameras, and they recorded the puppy’s appearance, which included signs of exhaustion, depression, and—most importantly—hunger.

The dog was afraid and resisted attempts to make him feel comfortable.
He was initially given food and drink, but he refused to take any of it. They used tools to free him from the heavy chains around his neck.

He was then put into a pickup truck and driven to the vet to be examined. The dog appeared to be in fair health despite the hardships he had to face. The only thing that affected him was a terrible sense of abandonment.

His condition has reportedly been getting better over the days thanks to the volunteers at the shelter who took care of loving and caring for him. The spike can now play and move appropriately, which he was unable to do before.

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