Dog Goes To Her Neighbor’s Window To Get Kisses From Her New Boyfriend

Winnie is a poodle mix who loves to make friends. So she was instantly intrigued when she caught sight of a dog sitting in a neighboring window while exploring her mom’s apartment complex.

The dog, whose name is Chips, became Winnie’s boyfriend from that moment on.

The moment Winnie saw him, she ran over to the window to say ‘hello’.

“As soon as she spotted him, she started doing zoomies in the yard and ran up to the window to kiss him,” Sarah Madden, Winnie’s mom, told The Dodo.

Madden shared an adorable (and viral) TikTok video explaining more about how Winnie met Chips:

Shortly after they met Winnie got a sweet Valentine’s Day gift left at her door. Winnie was so touched she returned the favor and gave Chips a Valentine’s gift too. She also asked for a (play) date and Chips agreed.


Winnie was a little bit nervous at first, but she soon relaxed and enjoyed her time with Chips. They even enjoyed Puppuccinos at the park together.

Having hit it off, we are guessing the pair of “love pups” will have a second date very soon!

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