Dog has funniest reaction as he destroys his bed on camera

When you are caught doing something wrong, a quick and meaningful apology is often the best solution. The second-best solution? Stand still, run to the sofa, and just pretend that nothing happened.
“Arlo chose the second one.”

Arlo the Italian Greyhound is usually not destructive, but he does occasionally enjoy burrowing in his bed. That’s what he did when his father, Garry Mill, shoved him in his mouth.
Mill was not at home at the time but was able to check on Arlo using the mini camera he installed. Usually, Mill doesn’t use the camera’s microphone function because he doesn’t want Arlo to be disturbed or confused by strange noises. But that day, worried that Arlo would eat the stuffing on the bed, Mill decided to give it a try.

“As soon as I spoke to him, he froze and never got back to bed,” Mill told The Dodo. “I didn’t realize how funny the video was until I got home and watched it again.”

Arlo’s cute face and endless charm ensure he won’t be in too much trouble – especially considering his parents love him so much.

Arlo was adopted by Mill and his fiancée Chelsea Watson during the COVID lockdown. The couple, who live in Carnoustie, Scotland, grew up with dogs and wanted one for their new family. Soon, they found the most suitable candidate.

“Arlo’s demeanor is amazing,” Mill said. “He was very caring and always wanted to be hugged and held in my arms like a baby. He was naughty at times but broke down very quickly and loved going to bed with us.”

Arlo even helped Mill propose to Watson and wore a tuxedo for it.
“He changed our lives in so many ways,” Mill said. “He made us feel completely happy when we got home after a long day at work.”

What if Arlo was caught starting another boxing match in his bed while they were working? Well, maybe next time he will apologize.

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