Every day, a stray dog comes to the sandwich store for a free dinner.

We all hope that every animal may find a loving forever home, but the fact is that there are many stray cats and dogs living on their own.

But some of these dogs survive through via the goodwill of kind strangers, who assist provide them food and shelter. And one stray dog knows just where to go for her supper, becoming a cherished regular at one fast food business.

A TikTok user called Gio, from Mexico, alerted the world to “Subway Sally,” a stray dog that goes up every night to the Subway sandwich store he works at, asking for a bite to eat.

And the personnel are glad to comply. “We constantly feed her,” Gio writes in TikTok video.

He serves Sally a platter of cold sliced turkey and bacon, which the hungry dog gladly gobbles up.

It’s a great thing to do for a hungry dog, but sometimes you just gotta keep your regular customers satisfied—Gio claims that if they wait too long to feed Sally, she’ll go next door to Taco Bell.

The video got popular on TikTok, and presently has over 3 million views.

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The viral popularity encouraged many people to enquire about Sally. Some individuals pointed out that Sally appeared too well-groomed to be a stray.

In a follow-up video, Gio feeds Sally again and clarifies that she is, in fact, a stray, she only looks good because the “flower woman next door” loves to groom her.

He also explained that he hasn’t brought the dog to a shelter since the closest one is 20 miles away, and that it’s a high-kill shelter.

Others have queried why Gio doesn’t adopt the dog himself. He explained that he couldn’t take care of the dog personally since he already has five cats, and that it’s hard to find someone who can because it’s a low-income region.

“There are a lot of strays in our town,” Gio added in a third video. “I reside in an extremely impoverished community. More frequently than not, folks can’t afford for pet food.”

And it doesn’t appear like Sally is looking to be taken in, either: “Multiple people have tried taking her but she never wants to go,” Gio said in a comment. “I assume she has a regular spot to sleep and potentially care for her puppies.”

But it’s at least uplifting to watch individuals do all they can to care for their neighborhood strays.

“My coworkers and I are still going to feed her, don’t worry about that,” Gio remarked.

Thank you to Gio and his coworkers for making sure this poor dog doesn’t go hungry! Share this wonderful tale!

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