Fоr 4 lоng yеars, a dоg was chainеd tо a trее, tоtally еmaciatеd and thеn this happеnеd

On a farm in central Georgia, an abandoned puppy was found early this year in a tree. The dog had no access to food, shelter, or medical care.

He spent four years left out in the elements. Being outside in the rain and sun caused him to be hungry and thirsty. His race (Pit Bull) requires competitors to weigh at least 20kg, however he only weighs 11kg, and he has injuries all over his body.
After receiving an anonymous complaint, the local animal shelter Cordele Animal Shelter started seeking for the dog. When they found it, they posted some heartbreaking photos and shared the story with the world on social media.

This unfortunate animal really needs a new home in order to find his long-lost love. This puppy needs to find a new home right away where he can receive the care he needs because he is fragile. A CORDELE animal rescuer claims.
As you probably know, the dog was given the moniker “cocaine,” thus he had a difficult existence before being saved. However, after being adopted, he started getting rehabilitation. The puppy has earned the nickname Hero because to his bravery and persistence.

Thanks to his new owner, who has offered the puppy a great deal of love and devotion in contrast to his prior owner, this dog has undergone a tremendous transition in its new home.
He was wonderful; I gave him a simple dinner and put the bed in his kennel; he came in and settled himself; it had night lights and a radio, the adoptive mother wrote on Facebook.

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