He Was Abandoned Twice Because Of His Beard, And Then He Met A New Owner And Turned His Life Around As A Star Dog

A dog that was abandoned twice because of its freaky appearance, is rather loved thanks to its unique appearance.

On the 19th (local time), Vietnamese media YAN revealed a dog that has recently gotten a lot of attention online. The primary character in the narrative is ‘Bacon’.



Bacon, with brown fur resembling crispy bacon, is presently living with a man named Evio. Evio spotted Bacon while browsing online to adopt a pet.

Bacon caught his attention at once. That was because of his lengthy beard, resembling a man’s.

Bacon had thick white hair behind his nose and on his chin, and had been twice abandoned by his owner for this unusual appearance.


It was abandoned a long time ago, but no one wanted to take it, so Bacon constantly had to gaze at the backs of his adopted buddies.

Unlike the others, Evio felt an attraction to Bacon he had never felt before. He swore to take excellent care of him for the rest of his life and adopted Bacon.

Additionally, he considered that the charm of bacon originates from his beard, thus he took good care of his beard every day. They exchanged memories by shooting photographs with Bacon and uploading them on social media.

After a while, though, netizens began to react explosively to Bacon’s appearance. It was because of Bacon’s beard and hilarious attitude.


Bacon, who was previously abandoned and lost hope, finds Evio and is loved by more than 650,000 fans.

I hope that Bacon will continue to be loved by many people and live happily.

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