It’s uпsettliпg tο see fish iп the deeρ sea with eerie faces

The wolffish is surprisingly friendly despite having a visage that only a mother could have. In addition, it makes antifreeze.

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The Atlantic wolffish has no competitors (Anarhichas l upus)

Its keen fangs and powerful jaw help it tear apart its food, traits it shares with wolves. In fact, some of its teeth even protrude from its mouth, giving it an appearance that is both terrifying and humorous—at least by human standards.

But there is a reason for those massive chompers. They help the fish break through the tough shells of crabs, urchins, clams, and other creatures by digging into the silt on the ocean floor in search of food. The Atlantic wolffish can be identified by its long, eel-like body in addition to its fangs.

Bjrn Christian Trissen’s CC BY-SA 4.0 shareable image
This fish is a benthic inhabitant that may be found on both the west and east coasts of the Atlantic Ocean. It lives at a depth of around 2000 feet on the hard ocean floor and is frequently spotted in crevices and tiny caves. It also has a unique trick! To keep its blood flowing easily in the winter, its system creates antifreeze. It need it since it can only survive in water that is between 1 and 11 °C.

And this creature’s distinctiveness isn’t limited to just that!


Unquestionably in need of dental work. Image by Kamil Porembiski under CC BY-SA 2.0
Wolffish pair up and fertilize the female’s eggs internally, so they mate similarly to humans, unlike most fish species that “broadcast spawn” (females release hundreds of eggs into the water, and males compete to fertilize them externally). And that’s not where the relationship ends.

The female deposits the eggs in enormous clusters after four to nine months of incubation, depending on the water temperature. The male then vigorously guards the eggs for the following four months until they hatch.

Hey there, human.
These fish are quite loving toward people despite their frightening appearance! And because of this, some divers go out looking for them and frequently make friends with the local wolffish. Now consider this.

A truly amazing species.


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