Mama Dog is Crying, Begging to Be Saved After Giving Birth to 10 Puppies in The Cold Snow

In front of us, a horrible story is being told. Ten puppies were born to the mother dog in the cold snow.
All of it was blanketed with snow. The puppies were frigid as ice. Without salvation, they won’t survive.

The sight of the puppies crying caused the rescuers to become overcome with despair. They were all rather weak, having only given birth a few months before.
Warming up the 10 puppies that were brought home is necessary. Now that they are drinking milk, thank God, everything is OK.

It’s fantastic news for the rescuers that the puppies have urinated.


50 days later, the puppies are growing and rather cute. Ten angels had two immunizations and then started hunting for a new home.
Thank you everyone very much; at last, 10 puppies have new homes. After all they’ve been through in life, they deserve to have a happy family.

For helping to assist these angels, I’d like to thank the sponsors.


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