Man gathers old homeless dog in his arms and listens to ‘his sad stories’

He was liberated from an abusive situation by the Pit Crew. Will someone please offer him a loving, long-term home?
Taking care of an older dog is not easy. Taking care of an old dog who was raised in an abusive household is really difficult.

They will undoubtedly struggle with issues of trust and affection, and even moving into a loving environment will be difficult.

This was especially important because Hero’s history of abuse left the rescuers unsure of how much time he had left to live.

Hero was put to the test in this. Before he crossed the Rainbow Bridge, they wanted him to live in a loving and joyful atmosphere.


Thankfully, Rusty and Anna have agreed to take on the duty.
Rusty and Anna were searching for a new puppy to adore since they already had Sugar Bear and one. They knew they had to bring Hero home as soon as they met him.

“His beautiful eyes were just pleading, ‘love me,’ and you just felt, well, this man deserves a shot,” Anna continued.

But someone else had to make a choice before they could take him home.


Their second dog, Sugar Bear, would make the final determination. If Hero and Sugar Bear couldn’t get along, the situation was over.
They’ll need to find another dog that gets along with Sugar. They planned a meeting between the two dogs, and guess what happened?

They could tell this was it when Sugar first saw Hero because of the delight in her eyes. Hero was with them when they returned home!

When they got back home, Rusty and Anna understood they had made the right choice since Hero only wanted to be loved.

He always slept next to Sugar. He insisted that his parents and other people pet him.
He would begin prodding you to let you know that he was still there if you stopped caressing him, she continued. Rusty went into further detail. No matter how much he prodded you, if you stopped petting him for whatever reason and he wasn’t able to get your attention, he moved on to the next person and began probing them.

And he showed love to other dogs as well as people.

Rusty and Anna were pet foster parents as well, and they were hoping to have one or two additional dogs move in with them. Sugar and Hero were happy to do so.


Hero adored his biological parents.
Hero would hear Rusty’s noisy car coming and run to the door to be the first dog to greet him as he entered the house.

Anna had to get used to Hero following her everywhere at home, including the bathroom.
Hero was about eight or nine years old when he was saved, and doctors thought he only had a few months to live. He continued to live for an additional three years.

Rusty, Anna, and Sugar Bear may continue to love and be loved by Hero for another three years.


Hero completely altered the way of life for our family. From the moment we adopted Hero, we vowed to care for him and protect him. He would never experience hunger or pain once more. Hero passed away on May 6, 2022, and Rusty and Anna penned a tribute to him in which they said, “The beauty of Hero is that despite all he had been through, he simply wanted to be loved by everyone he encountered.
Meet the sympathetic Hero by watching the video down below.

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