“Pet detectives in the real world use their sense of smell to track down missing or stolen dogs and reunite them with their owners.”

Diesel and Skye have already saved seven lost dogs this year (Image: William Lailey / SWNS)

In this week’s Pet Club, pooches Diesel and Skye have a talent for tracking down missing pets, a rescue dog is raising money for charity and three kittens were found abandoned in a cardboard box

Meet the real-life pet detectives on a mission to reunite lost, injured and stolen dogs with their owners.

Border collies Diesel and Skye have incredible sleuthing skills which have seen the pair sniff out nearly a hundred missing mutts.

Owner Jennie Alton, from Wigan, first realised that Diesel had a rare talent for tracking after he found a friend’s pet dog who was trapped in thick undergrowth in 2017.

Intrigued, the NHS worker decided to train Diesel, initially getting him to locate her children by following their scent.

She said: “I’d tell one of my children to go and hide in a local field, give Diesel a piece of their clothing to sniff and then send him off to find them. He found them every time.”

The canines use their skills in tracking and trailing to find missing pups ( Image: William Lailey / SWNS)

Determined to help others, Jennie decided to join up with the charity DogLost, and helped track down several missing dogs with Diesel, before she got Skye, now three, in 2019.

After four years helping different dog search organisations, they’ve now branched out on their own and have already saved seven lost dogs since January.

Daily Mirror’s Pet Club

Jennie, 42, says while most hounds are coached in either scent work, trailing or tracking, her dogs can uniquely do all three.

And the mum-of-three, who doesn’t take payment for her services, added: “There are so many missing dogs and some people just don’t have a clue where the dogs have gone so it’s really good we can help – especially when you see them back with their owners.”

Pet pic

How’s this for proof that animals can feel empathy? This touching snap shows one-year-old Porgy, a Ragdoll cat, putting a comforting paw around his poorly pal Finn, an eight-year-old Burmese.

The cats’ owner Rebecca Fitch, from Gerrards Cross in Buckinghamshire, caught the cute moment as she went to check on Finn, who was under the weather and had gone off his food.

She said: “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Porgy is a really loving cat anyway, but it was so sweet seeing him put his paw around Finn.

“He even licked his face a few times and groomed him. It was definitely brotherly love, and Finn was feeling better after a few days.”

Story of the week

Rescue dog Toby is walking 1,000 miles to raise money for charity ( Image: Kate Badger / Dogs Trust)

A former stray pup is on a mission to raise thousands of pounds for four-legged friends less fortunate than himself.

Toby, a two-year-old collie cross, was found abandoned in the street last April before he was taken in by Dogs Trust Manchester.

His luck changed almost immediately when Kate Badger spotted him and thought he would make an ideal walking companion.

The pair struck up an instant connection which has changed both their lives, and they now plan to walk 1,000 miles to raise money for the charity that saved him.

Their fundraising adventure has so far taken them to some of the Peak District’s most picturesque areas including Lyme Park and the hills around Buxton and Castleton, and Kate is charting their progress on social media as they go.

Rescue of the week

Dusty, Dolly and Debby were abandoned in a cardboard box in Leeds ( Image: Collect)

These gorgeous kittens were rescued in the nick of time after they were discovered in a soggy cardboard box on a cold, wet day in Leeds.

The black female kittens have been named Dusty, Dolly and Debby and are believed to be no more than seven-weeks-old.

All three are now healthy and happy in RSPCA foster care and will be rehomed with new families over the next few weeks.

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