Puppy Doesn’t Know His Mama Has Gone, Everyday Looking for Food to Bring to His Mother’s Body

Like people, animals have sentiments, which vary depending on the species.

It was a tiny dog with a dejected appearance. It was near to the skin and skeleton of a large dog that had been dead for a while. This puppy is most likely the giant dog’s progeny, however the cause of death for the latter is unknown.
A huge dog that has been dead for some days and is now just skeleton and skin sits next to a puppy.

People asked about it, but when the photographer came back, he had forgotten about it, which seemed sense considering how long it had been.
The photographer had forgotten to bring the dog, which he subsequently realized, and some people were irritated by this. They are praying that the puppy is still alive and well somewhere in Tibet’s tough environment.

In Myanmar, a puppy is seen sitting near to his mother’s body.

In a village in Myanmar, a few days after her mother was killed, a puppy sat next to his nearly rotting mother’s body. On October 6, 2012, a Reuters journalist took this picture.
According to the photographer who captured the poignant image, “I witnessed the heart-breaking scenario as I was wandering around the burnt part of the village.”

“I picked up the camera and sat down to observe the tiny puppy with sympathy. I grabbed the camera and started snapping shots.


The tiny puppy won’t be adopted, therefore I intend to take him with me when I have to move. But ultimately a good man took it in and raised it. He and I decided to send the dog to the village’s Buddhist communal housing because he was a poor man. I have no doubt that I’ll go back and visit the puppy soon.”

There are no foster homes for this pet!


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