She crawled down the street and got drenched in the rain. waited for help for days in front of people’s eyes

Since a vulnerable animal is typically associated with urgency, it is crucial to act immediately to save the animal. The Fundación JR Rescata team in Venezuela was able to save an abandoned dog when they came across it in the midst of a wet day.
She was powerless and without hope for hours before volunteers came to try to save her.

In the YouTube video provided by Paws Show, the dog is shown resting on the ground, thoroughly drenched, with a wound, and her body and legs smeared in mud. It is evident that the dog dragged herself the entire distance. dreary morning
She felt terribly cold and nauseous, and you could see the pain in her eyes. Thankfully, though, this was just the start of her rescue, so she was no longer in danger.

They took her tenderly up to the truck and drove her to the vet. When they arrived, they completely dried her off, treated her wound, and showered her with the affection she so sorely needed.
When the dirt washed off of his body, he also looked a little bit better, and he actually didn’t protest when others gave him the typical cuddles in this situation. Since she exuded confidence, they chose to call her Polly.

In addition to food because she had gone a long time without eating and needed to refuel her energy and build strength, Polly received all the support she needed to survive. She needed assistance, but he gladly accepted it, and it didn’t take him long to consume it.


The next morning, he made his way outdoors to use the patio to relieve himself, which was encouraging for his rehabilitation.
The subtitle of the movie, “Polly Wants to Live Like Everyone Else,” perfectly captures what you can see when you look at the dog, who is now in much better health and receiving better treatment thanks to her rescuers and carers who made this miracle possible. In the movie, the volunteers can be heard remarking, “Polly develops little by little, she is a nice, well-behaved dog.”

The organization for animal rescue is keeping track of the cases it accepts via its Instagram account, “jenireerodriguezrescata,” including Polly, who has recovered and now appears lot better than when they first saw her.


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